About Us

AREIDA – Scripting Assam’s Real Estate Story

AREIDA (Assam Real Estate and Infrastructure Developers’ Association) was registered in 2002 and is a body of real estate developers in Assam with over 100 members representing promoters/developers and the interests of lakhs of people associated with this sector, either for livelihood or for an essential roof overhead. In providing a home it's members contributes significantly to the economy by sustaining the second largest employment generation after agriculture, as well as 300 allied industries. It is a major contributor to government revenue, and is the interface between government and the stakeholders and is connected across the nation to 26 states and 170 cities as a part of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developer Associations of India). Through its sustained efforts, in public interest, over the years, it is today a respected voice in society as well as in the government.